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"BOMB-A" is a revolutionary product with extremely useful properties, delicacies for fish and excellent catching results. After throwing 4-5 blocks at a time, you can fish for half a day without feeding again. From the first minute, the blocks dissolve automatically and evenly. „Feeding block, so that it does not soften until the end of dissolution (thanks to a special vegetable protein). The inside remains dry throughout the dust, so the addition of flavor is continuous throughout and the fish cannot penetrate. By using "BOMB-A", widespread and very harmful overfishing can be avoided. Better catch results - lower cost - improved water quality. The dissolution time of the bisected blocks is reduced to almost half and one-third when they are divided into four halves. Thus, continuous feeding can be adjusted to the time intended for fishing and can be shot with the slingshot. The effectiveness of "BOMB-A" can be seen in the video section of the CUKK website.

Shelf life: 5 years.

Net quantity: 1300 g.

Not suitable for human consumption.

CUKK products do not contain substances harmful to humans or nature.

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